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Las Vegas, known for its vibrant energy and bustling atmosphere, recently played host to one of the most anticipated events in the recycling industry: the ISRI Convention.

The ISRI Convention, organized by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, serves as a hub for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and technology innovators to converge, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends shaping the recycling landscape.

Networking at the ISRI Convention transcended traditional boundaries, offering attendees a platform to engage in meaningful conversations that spanned the entire spectrum of the recycling industry. Whether it was discussing emerging technologies in material recovery, exploring sustainable practices, or addressing regulatory challenges, participants found ample opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and industry experts.

One of the highlights of the convention was the networking receptions and social events, where attendees had the chance to unwind after a day of seminars and workshops. These gatherings provided a relaxed setting for individuals to mingle, share insights, and build relationships that extend beyond the confines of the convention center.

MRP had a great time networking with current and new customers. Always enjoying the opportunities that present themselves. If you missed the chance to connect with us we are always open to further discussions.


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